A Brand New Legislations Addresses Bullying In Colleges

the new legislations requires the Colorado department of training to rewrite the state bullying prevention coverage.

Video Transcript

JIM BENEMANN: school bullies are the target of a brand new legislations in Colorado. Or not it’s named for Caitlyn Haynes and Jack Padilla. Padilla ended his existence two years in the past after being tormented through bullies. Both households and the lawmakers who pushed the bill had been there because the governor signed it into legislations.

– this may give college students in Colorado a secure haven in schools when they know that the adults in their school are committed to their security by using reducing bullying.

JIM BENEMANN: the brand new legislation requires the Colorado department of schooling to rewrite the state’s bullying prevention policy with the assist of folks of scholars who had been bullied. Faculty districts can be required to adopt the new policy and record bullying, each actual and emotional. The law additionally addresses cyberbullying and requires colleges to distinguish between battle and bullying.