Get a loan for your work with the repurchase of credits



The accumulation of credits can make it difficult or even prevent the realization of certain projects. Before granting you a loan for your works for example, the bank must make sure that you are able to repay an additional credit. A redemption of your outstanding amounts can then help!

Release of funds for release of situation

Release of funds for release of situation

The security level of the contract is what makes a bank make a loan or not. It is therefore complicated to apply for a loan for your work if your credits are already heavy in your budget. In this situation, buying back credits often proves to be the solution: by reducing your monthly payments, you have every chance of making your work project a reality!

The redemption of your credits results in a grouping of all of your debts to repay only one. This restructuring of your debts is Accompanied by a significant drop in your monthly repayments

Any redemption of credits must be justified by a Clearly defined project to take place. Getting a loan for your work is one! In some cases, depending on your profile, you may even be granted additional cash to consolidate your financing.

The loan for your work must be secured

The loan for your work must be secured

Before subscribing to it, make sure that the credit buy-back offer that is offered to you has received the attention of a complete analysis. The latter must include an advance study of the loan for your work, which you plan to contract thereafter. An accurate assessment of your repayment capacity and potential risks is actually necessary.

This step is essential because it avoids unpleasant surprises such as unfinished work or the return of financial difficulties. Bring your project to life: redeem your credits through a broker! You will thus benefit from a safe credit buy-out adapted to your profile. The online study request is free and without obligation. Proposal within 48 hours!

In the case of credit consolidation, when the operation results in a reduction in the amount of the monthly payments, this- this can lead to an extension of the credit repayment period or increase its total cost. The reduction depends on the remaining term of the loans purchased.

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