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Testocyp is a trade name of testosterone cypionate from pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. Testocyp is released in the form of injection, 10 ampules containing 1 ml of solution. 1 ml of solution contains 250 mg of testosterone cypionate.

Testocyp is one of the most popular anabolic steroids in USA and Canada. Cypionate gives more intense anabolic effect in comparison with other ethers of testosterone.
Testosterone cypionate is ether with long chain, the action of which lasts for more than 2 weeks. If we compare testosterone cypionate with enanthate, we can make a conclusion that these ethers are almost identical.

Due to prolonged action, Testocyp has a high level of aromatization. The weight is gained by means of accumulation of water, so that side effects and a great throwback may occur after the course. According to data of different researches, about 30% of the weight is taken by water which will be gone right after the end of the drug administration.
In spite of that, sportsmen like Testocyp because of its high anabolic activity.

Testocyp effects:

  • Fast muscle gain (up to 10 kg per course)
  • Significant increase of the strength
  • Improvement of articular system
  • Improvement of sexual desire
  • Improvement of the nitrogen metabolism in cells

How to take Testocyp?

Testocyp is not meant for the beginners and to be used for the first and second course. It is steroid with high risk of the appearance of estrogenic side effects. That is why, it is taken by experienced sportsmen only.

Injections of Testocyp are made once a week within 8-10 weeks. A standard dose of Testocyp for most athletes is 250 mg per week.

In case of no side effects, the dose may be increased and one injection of Testocyp 500 mg is made every 7 days. It will increase the result and gain more weight.
The further increase of the amount of the hormone does not have positive effects.

The reasonability of the combined courses of Testocyp 250 mg is undecided because it has been medically proved that the efficiency of the solo drug and in combination with other steroids is similar.

In combination, Testocyp 250 mg is often used with nandrolone because it has a weak androgenic activity and a good anabolic effect.


The typical problems are aromatization and estrogenic side effects while taking Testocyp. Men may have high arterial pressure, and headache because of great accumulation of water.

Aromatization leads to the development of such side effects as gynecomastia, acne, aggression, and androgenic alopecia. All these side effects are peculiar to drugs with high androgenic activity.

In order to avoid negative reactions, aromatase inhibitors, antiestrogens (Tamoxifen), and gonadotropins must be used while taking the drug for more than 4-5 weeks.
Testosterone boosters must be used after the end of the course. It will help to restore the functions of testicles, the production of own testosterone, and avoid dysfunctions of the sexual glands.

Where to buy Testocyp?

If you want to buy original Testocyp, do not use doubtful shops in your city. Buy Testocyp only in the specialized online shops or pharmacies.

Buying Testocyp online, pay attention that each pack goes with a unique code which may be checked on the website of the manufacturer Alpha Pharma.

The sports shops may sell Testocyp at the high price but it does not mean that the drug is of high quality. The drug is supplied from the economic agents which may buy batches with injections from the non-official manufacturers.

If you want to order Testocyp online, you may be confident that the drug will be delivered in the original pack from the manufacturer. We guarantee 100% quality of Testocyp online because we work with Alpha Pharma without any dealers.

Therefore, you can buy Testocyp online at the low cost, without overpaying for the services of the economic agents.

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