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Testobase is anabolic steroid from company Alpha Pharma and contains suspension of testosterone.

Suspension of testosterone is the first anabolic medicine in the world appeared in 1930. The formula does not contain ether, and therefore 100 mg of the active ingredient are 100 mg of the pure testosterone. Ethers of testosterone contain 60 to 90% of testosterone, and therefore suspension is the most effective form of the male sexual hormone. Testobase is notable for a fast beginning of the action and a short-period half-life. There are no signs of Testobase in the body in already a day. That is why this medication better works for sportsmen before contests.

Testobase has a high anabolic and androgenic activity. The anabolic effect may be felt the next day after the first consumption of the medicine.

According to its pharmacological properties, Testobase is similar to testosterone propionate. But the pure injections of testosterone are more painful than ethers of testosterone which contain oils.

Testobase effects:

  • Fast muscle gains
  • Fat burning
  • Slow-down of catabolism
  • Strength increase

How to take Testobase?

Testobase is indicated for the intramuscular injections. As the action of the medication lasts for maximum 2-3 days, it is recommended to make injections every day.
The frequent painful injections may cause local side effects, that is why each injection is made into a new area of the body. These are any muscle groups such as gluteus, quadriceps, and biceps.

The daily dose of Testobase is 50 to 100 mg depending on the preparation of a sportsman and experience of testosterone administration.

It is not recommended to take more than 100 mg of Testobase because it may lead to severe aromatization and estrogenic side effects.

The length of the course of Testobase should not exceed 4-5 weeks because a longer therapy may cause an inhibition of secretion of the endogenic testosterone and atrophy of testicles.

About 5 kg of the lean muscle mass with minimal water percentage may be gained within a short course

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