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TestoBolin is anabolic steroid with high androgenic activity and contains ether of testosterone enanthate. The manufacturer of TestoBolin is a pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma.
TestoBolin is a medical of the long action. Depending on the speed of the metabolic processes in the male body, the duration of action of testosterone enanthate is 2-3 weeks. Due to that, injections should be made seldom in comparison with other ethers of testosterone. That is why TestoBolin is very popular among sportsmen.

Testosterone enanthate causes active changes in the nitrogen balance of cells, activates protein synthesis, and accumulates water. As a result, sportsman can put on weight up to 10 kg within a short period.

TestoBolin effects:

  • Intense muscle gains
  • Increase of strength at least by 30% (that is why the medication is valued in powerlifting)
  • Expressed pumping by means of the increased production of nitric oxygen
  • Improvement of the joints, and fiber bands
  • Decreased catabolism

The drawback of TestoBolin consists in the possible process of aromatization and high level of estrogen because of the strong accumulation of water in the muscle tissues. Therefore, antiestrogenic therapy must be used while taking the medicine.

The intense muscle gain by means of the water accumulation in muscles increases a setback phenomenon. On the average, about 4 kg of the pure muscles are left from 10 kg which are gained within the pharmacological course.

How to take TestoBolin?

The pharmacological course of TestoBolin takes 8 to 10 weeks. Athletes who have not taken testosterone enanthate before, are recommended to start taking the medicine in the dose of 100 mg per week. In 2 weeks, in case of no severe side effects, the dose may be increased up to 250-500 mg of TestoBolin per week.

The use of more than 1 injection of TestoBolin 500 mg per week is pointless because it may cause a lot of estrogenic side effects.

To enhance the results, the use of TestoBolin 500 mg may be prolonged up to 12 weeks. Or one may use another medicine with short-term action (Trenbolone).

Using TestoBolin 250 mg and more per week, it is recommended to start taking aromatase inhibitors in 3-4 weeks. And antiestrogens Nolvadex or Clomid are taken right after the end of the course.

Gonadotropins are added to the basic course in case of taking TestoBolin for more than 8 weeks at a run.


The main drawback of TestoBolin is a severe aromatization due to which a sportsman may have such side effects as edemas, gynecomastia, fat deposit, high arterial pressure, acne, and aggression.

Women are contraindicated to take TestoBolin because the risk of masculinization is high.

In order to reduce the intensity of the side effects, it is necessary to add aromatase inhibitors, antiestrogens, gonadotropins, and testosterone boosters to the therapy.

To avoid high accumulation of the fat deposits, pay attention to the quality of the consumed food. Take more protein and cellulose, and less fast carbs. It will help to save the gained weight on the PCT.

Where to buy TestoBolin?

If you cannot find TestoBolin from Alpha Pharma in sports shops and pharmacies in your city, you may order TestoBolin online.

The purchase of TestoBolin online does not differ from the purchase of the drug in the shops in the city. Specialized online shops offer quality anabolic steroids from the manufacturers, and therefore you may be confident that you will receive original TestoBolin.

Before buying original TestoBolin online, you may contact a representative of the online shop and obtain needed information about the origin of the drug, its pharmacological properties, and certificated confirming its high quality.

Buying TestoBolin online, you are guaranteed not only high quality of the pharmaceutical production, but also a high level of service.


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