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Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity
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Obesity is a disease encountered by many throughout the world. The trend of childhood obesity too is increasing. A number of factors are responsible for childhood obesity. Prominent amongst them are – gene, overeating, and lack of physical activity, boredom, watching TV and playing computer or console games. In addition to that, the present lifestyle of readymade foods has also complemented in raising the level of obesity amongst children.

Obesity in the US

The childhood obesity in the US has been on the rise. Childhood obesity statistics show that at present about 15.3% of children (6 to 11 years) and 15.5% of adolescents (12 to 19 years) are obese in the US. It is time to prevent childhood obesity now so that in the time to come effects of childhood obesity does not hamper the normal upbringing of the child. Family and school is the place where a child should be imparted knowledge on how to prevent obesity.

In a family the members of the family should help a child indulge in family outings such as hiking and skiing. They should also encourage the child to do bicycling, walking or rollerblading everyday. The family can also give works like mowing, washing car or vacuuming which involves physical work. It helps the child inculcate a habit of learning to do something plus it improves their agility. A child can also be enrolled in some sports activities that he/she enjoys like tennis, gymnastics, dance and martial arts etc. In addition to these the family should also administer the nutritional value of the food taken by a child. 

School is the second most important place where a child spends his o r her time after home. So, it is important to provide an environment in the school where a child can learn on how to stay fit. At first, the school authorities can instruct the eating joints on what type of foods should be sold within the school premises. Other than that the school authorities should also give sufficient time for the students to enjoy their food with their friends. They can also oversee what sort of food the students are taking to keep track of their health.

For treatment of childhood obesity the parents as well as the health professionals should set a small and achievable target to attain so that the child does not get demoralized if the target is not attained. Some people are taking phentermine diet pills. Several articles on childhood obesity are available in internet so update your self with the information. Most of the time childhood obesity is related to eating habits so keep track of what your child is eating either at home or outside by asking him. These steps would help your child stay away from obesity. Even after all these efforts if you are finding it difficult to contain or prevent your child from getting obese consult a doctor. He is the right person to give advice on how your child can get away from being obese. Help your child to remove obesity as it may become the root cause of later complications related to health.

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